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  1. Zugor says:

    brainwash developers. It is a multiuser system that has three phases: Explore, brainwash speeds the feature engineer through grunt-work statistics by automatically pro-viding commodity information like frequency distri-butions and automatically-chosen illustrative samples from the dataset. Extract, brainwash attempts to recommend a fea-.

  2. Tojashicage says:

     · Brainwashing entails: (1) Isolation from the familiar, inclusive of, but not limited to colleagues, family, or the environment, (2) Absolute submission, and (3) A rigid system of reward and punishment in terms of obedience and unwillingness to cooperate, : Julia Layton.

  3. Fenrigul says:

     · Brainwashing uses a superficial system of reward and punishment to affect its victims, and its goal is always to tear down the resistance of those who it is inflicted upon. Hypnosis normally begins with getting its target to relax, involves going deeper into the psyche, and usually does not involve rewards and punishments%(8).

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